This website is mainly for my blog posts which will mainly be some of my ramblings in the area of signal processing, programming, natural languages or whatever I am currently interested in. The main reason I made this site is because I have always enjoyed note taking and creating a nice document that explains a solution to a problem I have been having or a topic that I have been studying. The problem with that is that up to now, all those documents essentially go to waste so I thought that sharing them on a platform like this would be a nice incentive for me (even if no one reads) and also light a small fire under my ass to ensure that the information is mostly correct.

It also contains my CV for those interested, a short synopsis of who I am would be that my name is Emmet Horgan and I am a software engineer from Cork, Ireland. I did a master’s degree in electronic engineering thinking that I would become an analog circuit designer but found that I actually really enjoyed programming much more and decided to go down the embedded software route to try and get the best of both worlds. I enjoy mathematics, signal processing, ML (I have done a little bit with CNNs for my masters) and also have a passion for natural language learning (mostly German, Dutch and Russian).